[Dents and scratches] Blush.highlight

$15 $19

IssueDents and scratches on the handle or ferrule of the brush. There might may be some glue stains on the handle as well.




What's good: These cosmetic defects and the minor pokiness will not affect the function of the brush. Amazing workmanship for the arrangement of the bristles. 

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. An additional marking will be made over the logo as an indication that this is a sale item, and not sold under the Gudetama collection. 

Back story: This brush was originally produced under the 13rushes x Gudetama collection. However, some of these brushes have cosmetic defects on their handles and ferrule and have been sitting in our warehouse.. it's quite a bit of a waste to simply dispose of these brushes.. so we thought of absorbing part of the cost, and putting these up as sale items. Hope you guys wouldn't mind!

have a look again!