Clean Freak Christmas Bundle


We all have that one friend who loves to be ultra clean. This one is for all the clean freaks in the group.

A special Christmas bundle consisting of everything you’ll need to keep your brushes sparkly clean. Each bundle includes a Marvel Bar with soap case, a purple mini cleansing pad and a black mini dry stand.

Usual price $49.80, now going at a Christmas special price of $39.00

What’s in the bundle?

⇨ Marvel Bar with soap case

An ultra large brush cleanser that comes with a travel-friendly soap case. Simply wet the bristles and rub it onto the bar to activate the soap. Continue doing so until all makeup residue has come off.

⇨ Mini Cleansing Pad (Purple)

A mini brush cleansing pad featuring silicon textures and patterns to help get rid of stubborn makeup residues. The brush pad includes a suction cup on the backside for a secure placement on any surfaces. Before using the Mini Cleansing Pad, wet the bristles and use our Marvel Bar as a brush cleanser. Once the bristles are loaded with the cleansing soap, rub it onto the textured surface of the Mini Cleansing Pad to remove any stubborn makeup stains and residues.

⇨ Mini Drying Stand (Black)

A collapsible brush drying stand that will ensure all water is drawn out from your brushes. Fits a total of 14 brushes (2 large slots, 4 medium slots and 8 small slots). After washing your brushes, slot them into the Mini Drying Stand with the brush head facing down.

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