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Check Them Buns!


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Pretty with a purpose- introducing our limited edition kit, Check Them Buns!

Created exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness month, this limited edition kit will leave you looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Consisting of 10 brushes, Check Them Buns! is a great addition to any beauty junkie's brush collection.

 #1 Tiny but mighty, so blend away

A mini cute eyeshadow blending brush for your creases. Get extra precision with that pointed tip!

Use with: eyeshadow. Also great with: eyebrow powder, lip products

#2 Dot that spot, make it disappear

Stay spotless with this mini flat top brush. Applies lip products across the lip quickly and softly. 

Use with: concealer and lip products. Also great with: eyeshadow

#3 Bold brows, we've got you covered

Get your arches in line! In short strokes, transform your brows from shapeless & undefined to filled & defined eyebrows. Create the cut crease look effortlessly with this brush too!

Use with: eyebrow powders or brow gels. Also great with: eyeshadow. Not that great with eyeliner though.

#4 Its the perfect fit (For your nose bridge)

Defy physics and bend light with this brush to create a sharper nose. A few strokes down the sides of your nose is all you need for slimmer, pointier noses. Remember to blend the lines out with brush #6 afterwards!

Use with: contouring creams or liquids or powders.

#5 Draw some lines, sharpen those cheeks

Kinda like the dodge and burn tool in photoshop, this brush is AMAZING for all your contouring needs. Mark out precisely where you wanna contour and highlight with this brush. Remember to blend the lines out with brush #7 or #8 afterwards!

Use with: contouring creams or liquids or powders.

#6 Shhhh... no one will know you didn't get enough sleep

The perfect size for your undereye concealing. Nuff said! 

Use with: concealer. Also great as a blending brush along the sides of the nose for a more natural looking contouring effect.

#7 Time to shine and get glowing

Illuminate the high points of your features with this brush. Also great as a blending brush for your contouring lines along the temples, chin and hairline.

Use with: all types of highlighters, and contouring products

#8 Oh boy, you're making me blush

Turn cheek WOES into cheek WOWS. Get blushing cheeks and a soft focus contouring effect with this brush. The ultimate must have in this brush kit.

Use with: all types of blushers, highlighters, and contouring products. Also great for: precise foundation application

#9 Buff on a flawless face

Our go to brush to apply liquid/cream foundation, or setting powder to the entire face. Also great for applying and blending bronzing or highlighting powders to the face. 

Use with: liquid and cream based foundation. Also great with: bronzers, highlighters

#10 In a rush?

Generously sized for an easy breezy application on both the face and body. 

Use with: all types of foundation, pressed powders and setting powder. Also great with: bronzers, highlighters