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Powder Brush


Co-designed with the beauty community in commemoration of our 1st anniversary, the Powder Brush celebrates 13rushes' tireless commitment to creating sustainable and quality cruelty-free tools.


Sustainable Animal friendly tools

13rushes takes a firm stance against animal cruelty in fur farms. Consistent with all 13rushes products, hypoallergenic textured synthetic bristles are used. These bristles perform brilliantly with powders, creams and liquids.

Striving also to making beauty sustainable, we've worked closely with manufacturing partners to minimize resource wastage during production. Additionally, sustainable materials such as aluminum (highly recyclable) were chosen to reduce our ecological footprints.


Inspired by You

We've reviewed over 80 different types of synthetic bristles, handpicking only the best. Together with everyday women and professional artists, we've perfected our bristle density to offer a flawless lightweight powder finish that works just right in Singapore's humid weather.


Handcrafted to Perfection

From start to finish, each powder brush undergoes 12 production stages by 26 craftsmen. Unlike machine-cut brushes, every bristle filament in our powder brush is trimmed at only at its ends. This leaves the bristle tips untouched for unmatched softness. 



  • Large, dome-shaped brush for quick powder application on face and body 
  • Straight-wavy bristle blend to mimic movement of natural hair bristles for improved powder performance
  • Ergonomically designed with tapered handles for Asian palms
  • Toughened recyclable aluminium ferrule
  • Water and heat tolerable adhesives

Performs brilliantly with powder-based products (use with sweeping strokes): 

  • Loose powder
  • Compact powder

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