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Brea's Adventures


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A remake of the beloved tiffany mint travel collection from 2013, Brea's adventure now features 11 beautifully crafted sized brushes luxuriously packed in a travel-friendly pouch. 

Click here to learn about the differences between the new brush kit (2016) vs the previous brush kit (2013).

Click here for a step by step guide on the brushes.

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Why you'll love this kit:

  • Deluxe sized brush heads with shortened handles for portability
  • Receive some of our best selling brushes (e.g. flat top foundation, powder puffer, fluffy blender, angled flat concealer, precision highlighter) at a fraction of their individual prices
  • Stain-proof brush pouch. Just use a bit of makeup remover to remove mascaras or eyeliner stains!
  • 6 months warranty. Replacement of brushes should there be:
    • Shedding
    • Loose brush handles
    • or any manufacturing defects

What's inside the kit:

  1. Stain-proof zipper pouch. White exterior, mint interior. 
  2. 11 deluxe size travel brushes with mint handles
  3. Hardcover box case
  4. Short story on brave little Brea's adventures in the rainforest

Travel Pouch:

  • Exterior: Crosshatched pleather in white, hotstamped logo in gold
  • Interior: Crosshatched pleather in mint. With 11 made to measure slots
1. Base Buffer 
  • Our foundation brush smooths on foundation where fingers can't. Get a streak-free natural complexion you can believe in
  • How to: Dot foundation onto your face before blending it out in short downwards strokes or in gentle circular motion (whichever works best!). Wait for the foundation to dry before building on the coverage.
  • Use with: Liquid foundation, BB and CC creams and BB cushions
2. Undereye corrector
  • Perk your peepers and fake a good night sleep
  • How to: In short downwards strokes, use the undereye corrector to hide dark circles and blur out fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look.
  • Use with: liquid/cream concealer
  • Also great for: applying a base eyeshadow color all over the lids 
3. Cheeky Shader
  • Brush on a seamless bronze, create sexy contours or dust on a healthy pink flush.
  • How to: To sculpt & slim face, use the rim of the brush to contour from top of the cheekbone, and blend downward in a sweeping motion, ending underneath the center of the cheekbone.
  • For a blushing effect, apply blusher on the flat side of the the brush. Sweep color above cheekbone towards the hairline and blend with short, vertical strokes. 
  • Use with: powder based blushers, bronzers and contouring makeup
4. Blemish Buster
  • Bust your imperfections without all that creasing. This tiny brush blends out concealer so precisely, you won't miss a spot.
  • How to: dab a bit of concealer on the area to conceal. Next gently blend around the sides of the spot for the perfect cover up.
  • Use with: liquid/cream concealer
  • Also great for: applying eyeshadow to the lower lashline
5. Creme Sculptor
  • Now It's easy to sculpt and define with just one brush! 
  • How to: Pick up cream contouring makeup directly with this dense angled brush and apply under the cheekbones, the sides of your nose and jawline. To achieve your perfect gleam, apply highlighter to the bridge of your nose or high points of your cheeks.
  • Use with: cream based contouring and highlighting makeup
6. Eye Opener
  • Create your eye-deal look with powders that finish pearly, sheen or matte & smoky.
  • How to: Sweep brush on your eyelid for a soft wash of color or pat to layer on for added intensity. Use this brush to apply your base color before intensifying the look by adding depth with the crease definer brush.
  • Use with: eyeshadow (powder based)
7. Fluffy Blender  
  •  Blending is our cardio, so work your shadows trim and sexy with the fluffy blender brush!
  • How to: Draw tiny circles to deposit and diffuse color for a soft color gradient. As you're creating small circles with your brush, start at the point of most saturation and work towards the area of least saturation (somewhat in a window wiper motion along your crease).
  • Use with: eyeshadow (powder based)
    8. Glow Getter
    • Hit the highs for brilliant beauty and a soft focus glow.
    • How to: Dip the Glow Getter into a soft gold highlighter before gliding on cheekbones & brow bones. For a nose lift, use the tapered part of the brush to sweep highlights along the bridge of your nose for soft definition.
    • Use with: Highlighters (powder based)
    • Also great with: Pressed powders (undereye) and blushers
      9. Powder Puffer
      • Look fresh-faced without a shiny trace!
      • How to: For a satiny finish, sweep on powder with brush using light quick strokes and blend outwards from the centre of your face.
      • Use with: Loose powder
      • Also great with: Pressed powders and blushers
      10. Crease Definer
      • A tiny crease brush for an eye-deal look! Great for Asian eyes or monolids.
      • How to: Use the angled side of the brush to smudge, shade and contour your eyes using a darker shadow colour. Always start at the point where you want the deepest color (usually the outer v area) and blend toward the place where you want the lightest color. 
      • Use with: eyeshadow (powder based)
      11. Lip Perfector
      • Get sugar lips and a kissable pout with this extra firm, straight-bristle brush.
      • How to: Place product on one side of the brush and apply to lips in long sweeping motion. Use the square tip of the brush to define corners and Cupid’s bow. To touch up lipstick bleeds, add a little foundation to this brush and use it to clean up the edges (like an eraser).
      • Use with: Lipstick and lip gloss


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