Cheek brushes

$77 $121

These medium sized brushes are extremely versatile. While primarily designed for the functions of contouring, highlighting and blush application, many of these brushes can also be used for foundation/loose powder application. In fact, our studies show that a majority of professional artists tend to reach for medium size face brushes over huge fluffy brushes. 

It may be confusing sometimes figuring out which brush to get..

Medium size brushes give a little more precision and accuracy. Brushes that are too big can be limiting in the types of application they offer and become too specialised. So for a start, medium sized face brushes are your best bet. Use very fluffy ones for powder textures, and more densely-packed ones for liquids and creams. 

This kit is a good place to start because these medium-sized brushes essentially cover all functions of face makeup!

Primarily contouring, blush and highlight brushes. Doubles up as foundation and powder brushes.

$77 for 6 medium sized brushes (average at $15.40 each)

  1. Duo-Fibre Fan $24 -Use with highlighter & loose powder. Extremely lightweight, soft focus application
  2. Classic Blush $25 - Use with blusher and contouring. Medium to strong color payoff with flexible yet firm brush head. Picks up more colour than the precision highlighter. Fits apple of the cheeks perfectly.
  3. Illuminating Blush $19 - Use with highlighter, foundation, blusher & loose powder. Medium to strong color payoff with firm tapered brush head. More densely packed than the precision highlighter. Industry's average size as a highlighter brush. Smaller than average if you were to use this brush as a blush/foundation brush.
  4. Precision Highlighter $19 Use with highlighter, blusher  & loose powder. Light color payoff with fluffy bristles. Industry's average size as a highlighter brush. Tapered bristles makes it easy to apply on specific areas. Smaller than average if you were to use this brush as a blush brush, so more strokes is required for use with blusher. Good for applying loose powder on very specific areas of the face.
  5. Contour and highlight Duo $34 (Smaller tapered end) - Use with highlighter and loose powder. Our smallest and most precise highlighting brush. We love it for applying loose powder under the eyes too!
  6. Contour and highlight Duo $34 (Bigger rounded end) - Use with foundation, blush, contouring. Densely packed and firm brush head. For contouring, this brush fits under the cheekbones perfectly. For foundation, the well-spaced bristles seamlessly blends liquids and creams. Also good for buffing powder-based foundation into the skin for extra coverage.

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