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Apple of my eye


Let her know how much you cherish her presence with our cheesy "apple of my eye" gift set!

What's inside:

  • Classic Shadow: essential all purpose eyeshadow brush
  • Petite Shadow: precision eyeshadow applicator. To intensify the outer v area.
  • Fluffy Blender: signature eyeshadow blending brush. A must have.
  • Usual price of $16+$16+$16= $48

How to know if this is the right gift:

  • Open up her makeup pouch and have a rummage around
  • Search for any packaging that says "eyeshadow". Eyeshadow palettes look something like this 
  • If you can't find any or the above, maybe just trust your gut feeling, or flip a coin to decide.
  • Haha, don't worry though, these eyeshadow brushes are our best seller and are great for beginners!


  • Gorgeous waterproof zip case to keep her brush clean.
  • We've left the inside blank so you have lots of space to write your own heartfelt message.
  • These gift case measure 6cm x 4cm x 4cm (base) and 22cm (height).
  • Fits all 13rushes brushes.


  • Don't worry if you have trouble explaining how to use this brush to your girlfriend. Instructions can be found in the packaging insert!
  • But if she asks, act like a pro and tell her: Here's 3 basic eyeshadow brushes for you. First, use the Classic Shadow brush to sweep on a light wash of base colour. Next use the Petite Shadow brush to intensify the crease area. Finally blend the eyeshadows using the Fluffy Blender!

Why $33.44:

  • 3344 = 生生世世 = forever and ever

Shipping and delivery:

  • We require 1-2 working days to prepare the brush for shipment
  • Thereafter, normal mail will take about 2-5 working days to arrive, registered articles will take about 1-3 working days to arrive.
  • If you're in a rush, remember to leave a note for us or opt for courier delivery (same day or next day shipping)!