🧲⚡️ Magnetic lash bundle - 13rushes x Lashdresser

$56.25 $72

Eye makeup uncomplicated! We've teamed up with Lashdresser to simplify your eye makeup routine ❤️ Carefully curated by professional makeup artist @Ling's Palette, these lashes give you just the right amount of drama with minimal effort 🙊. In fact, be amazed at how easy it is to finally wear your own lashes! 

In this bundle:

  • 1 pair of magnetic lashes in ALLURE
  • 1 tube of magnetic eyeliner in BLACK
  • 1 Classic Shadow (with brush cover)
  • 1 Mini Blender (with brush cover)

Application tips:


  1. Use the Classic Shadow to apply a soft wash of shadow all over the eyelids.
  2. Use the Mini Blender to blend at the edges of the base shadow colour. This ensures a seamless transition of colours on the eyelid.
  3. Pick up the Classic Shadow again (flip over to the clean side), and darken the outer corners of the eye. This adds dimension and depth to your eyes. 
  4. Finally, grab the Mini Blender again and blend the darker shadow colour from back to front. This creates that beautiful gradient eyeshadow effect that we all love.


  1. Draw a thin layer of eyeliner close to your lash line. This eyeliner has magnetic properties, allowing the Magnetic lash to easily attach onto the eyeliner.
  2. Curl your lashes before attaching the Falsies on,
  3. Tug and adjust your falsies gently for a better fit
  4. (And that's really it!)

You'll find that with the right tools and falsies, eye makeup becomes much less daunting ✨ Watch our video below for a suggested guide on how to use our brushes and to wear the magnetic lashes.

have a look again!