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Our best face brush for all powder based products. Engineered to obscure pores with a light touch, the velvety soft 13rave delivers a weightless air-brushed finish and perfects complexion in an instant. Crafted to enhance the finish of all powder textures.


  • Extra soft velvety bristles: To deliver a seamless streak-free application. 13rave blends gently without micro-exfoliation. No redness, never cakey. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Synthetic bristles re-engineered: The perfect blend of textured straight and wavy synthetic fibres replicates the movement of natural hairs for maximum powder performance and even color payoff
  • Gently sloping brush head: Unique bristles arrangement reaches every plane and contour of the face, including the delicate areas around the eyes and nose. Improves blending efficiency and ergonomics. Bristles slope gently at an angle for an ergonomic application experience.
  • Perfectly sized with optimal bristle density: Covers huge areas of the face with minimal strokes. Most efficient foundation brush in the our brush collection. Optimal density to prevent over-application. 13rave delivers just the right amount of products to achieve a flawless coverage and a smooth, soft focus effect.

    Use with:

    • All powders (pressed powders, 2-way cake, contouring powder, blushers)
    • Lightweight liquid based makeup (bb cushions, bb creams, water based foundation)


    • Foundation brush: 
      • light-medium foundation coverage
      • 100% streak-free application 
      • reduces appearance of fine lines and pores
      • corrects uneven skin tone in an instant
    • Contouring brush: 
      • to soften contouring lines around the cheekbones and jawline
      • very soft, blended contouring look 
    • Setting-powder brush: 
      • controls shine by mattifying skin
      • sets makeup for extended wear
      • touch-ups on the go

    Application tips:

    • With liquids: Use flat, sloping portion of brush. Dot a small amount of foundation onto your face, starting from the centre. Use broad, downward gliding strokes to blend foundation outwards. Use the edges of the brush to blend the makeup into those hard-to-reach areas, like the corners of the nose, hairline and around the eyes and mouth.
    • With powders: In gentle dabbing motion. Dip the brush in powder and tap off the excess. Instead of buffing, use light dabbing motions to set makeup. This prevents buffing away the makeup that was previously done, leaving you with a natural, long-wearing finish.

      More product information*:

      • Handle: wood, dark purple glossy finish 9.5cm
      • Ferrule: aluminum, gold 5cm
      • Bristles: anti-bacterial synthetic bristles
      • Bristle length: 3cm (mid) 1.8cm (left)  2cm (right)
      • Total length (handle + ferrule + bristles): 17.5cm
      • Total weight: approximately 38 grams

      Brush care:

      • We recommend washing your brushes at least once a week
      • As with all makeup brushes, please keep the brush handles completely dry while washing to prolong the lifespan of your brushes.
      • Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources (e.g. hairdryer)

      As with all our brushes:

      A labour of passion and love, it is 13rushes’ continual mission to create the finest cruelty-free brushes on the planet. Made without any ponytails or goatees, our award-wining brushes are crafted by hand and in small batches to bring forth the best makeup application experience to our customers.

      Unlike conventional synthetic bristles, our proprietary bristles have been re-engineered for enhanced performance with powders. Featuring "textured" surfaces, these fibers grip onto powders effectively and work brilliantly with both creams and liquids.

      Synthetic bristles are awesome because they are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin. It's time to make the switch to synthetic bristles if you haven't!

      Popular questions:

      1) Can 13rave be used with loose powders?

      • 13rave is more densely packed than the rest of the powder brushes, thus better suited for compact type powders.
      • While it is inaccurate to say that the 13rave is bad with loose powders, we would recommend the Powder Puffer for loose powder application instead as the latter features fluffier bristles for a lighter weight finish. We're just concerned, because the 13rave might pick up too much product at once due to its the densely packed bristles. But if you know how to be light handed when applying loose powders with the 13rave, then there's really no issues using 13rave for all types of powder based makeup!

      2) Can 13rave be used with liquid foundation or bb creams or bb cushions?

      • A general rule of thumb, choose stiffer brushes for heavier creamier formulas. As the 13rave brush is exceptionally soft, we would recommend pairing it with lightweight liquid or powder based products. 
      • For blending cream or liquid blushers, check out the Angled Flat Foundation
      • For blending cream or liquid contouring makeup, check out the signature Flat Top Sculpting brush
      • For blending heavy cream foundation, check out the Flat Top Foundation brush if speed of application matters. Alternatively check out the Angled Flat Foundation is you require more precision

      3) Help me decide between the 3 foundation brushes- 13rave, Angled Flat Foundation and Flat Top Foundation. There are 2 considerations to be made here - firstly the type of makeup used and secondly speed vs precision. Here's a general guideline:

      Makeup used:

      • Liquid and cream foundation: Angled flat foundation / Flat Top Foundation
      • BB creams or bb cushions: Angled flat foundation / Flat Top Foundation
      • Liquid and cream blushers: Angled flat foundation
      • Liquid and cream contouring makeup: Angled flat foundation
      • Compact powder: 13rave
      • Powder based blushers: 13rave (While the 13rave might be slightly big for the cheeks, you can still use it as a blusher brush by picking up makeup with only one side of the brush)  

      If you require speed, choose the 13rave/ Flat Top foundation. If you require precision, choose the Angled Flat Foundation

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