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Dome Foundation


Luxuriously handcrafted and super plush, meet the newest addition to our foundation brush family! This crescent shaped foundation brush applies quickly like a flat paddle brush yet it offers a streak-free airbrushed finish which no paddle brushes can rival. You'll love how seamlessly it blends foundation onto the skin! 
Featuring our new long tapered handle, this brush offers the perfect grip for makeup artists and beginners alike.
  • Crescent shape tapered brush head that fits contours of the face 
  • Big brush head blends product quickly
  • Densely packed brush head offers medium to full coverage
  • Works especially well on cheekbones, area under eye and on the contours of the nose
Use with: 
  • Great with all textures- powders, liquids and creams
  • Also great with liquid or cream based blushers and contouring makeup
Suitable for cream/ water/ powder based products. 
  • Blends foundation and concealer for an instant even airbrushed finish
  • Contours forehead and jawline with liquid and cream contouring makeup
  • Adds a natural blush with cream based blushers
More product information:
  • Handle: tapered, wood, dark purple glossy finish
  • Ferrule: aluminum, gold
  • Bristles: anti-bacterial synthetic bristles
*As all our brushes have been crafted by hand, please allow a slight variation in bristle diameter, length and weight between brushes

Brush care:

  • We recommend washing your brushes at least once a week
  • As with all makeup brushes, please keep the brush handles completely dry while washing to prolong the lifespan of your brushes.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources (e.g. hairdryer)
    As with all our brushes:
    All 13rushes brushes are crafted to be divinely soft and decidedly luxurious. Using only the highest grade of textured synthetic bristles, our tools optimize product application, avoid potential allergic reactions to animal fur, and promote the use of non-animal products.
    Popular questions:
    1) Difference(s) between the Dome foundation vs the 13rave: The 13rave has a greater proportion of finer bristles as compared to  Dome Foundation brush.  Consequently the...
    • Dome Foundation blends heavy liquids and cream based products better than the 13rave while the
    • 13rave works better for lightweight liquids and powder based products. 
    2) Similarities between the Flat Top Foundation and 13rave:
    • Big brush head for super fast application
    • Equally dense for full- medium coverage
    • Ultra soft bristles that doesn't cause skin drag
    • Great with lightweight liquids and powders 
    3) Can i use the Dome Foundation to contour my nose?  We think its a little too big for nose contouring. But this brush is great for contouring the sides of the face though!