Meringue puff


If you love super soft sponges, this airy light blending sponge is definitely your must have. Its huge surface area speeds up your foundation routine, and leaves your complexion feeling light and fresh. Lightly mist sponge before use. 

Use with

⇨ Liquid or cream foundation

⇨ Concealer

⇨ Liquid or cream based blush, contouring or highlighting products

⇨ Loose powder for baking



✓ Natural ✓ Medium ✗ High



✓ Extra soft ✗ Medium ✗ Firm


    For best results  

    Soft sponges: Spray a mist of water over sponge instead of fully submerging the sponges in water. Your sponge should be around 30-40% damp.

    Medium to firm sponges: dip entire sponge into water and squeeze out excess water before use. 

    *Firm sponges bounce back into their intended shapes better than soft sponges.  Firmer sponges tend to have slightly longer lifespan. On the other hand, it is more difficult for a soft sponge to revert to its original bouncy state once it is fully saturated with water. 

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