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Essential Kit (9-Piece set)


This kit includes the basics and is the perfect foundation to start building a collection upon. Our deluxe brush set is a good choice for first-time buyers or those with sensitive skin. You'll get all of the necessary basics, plus the bonus of bristles treated with anti-microbial technology, which means a clean application every time, granted you keep up with tool maintenance.

Perfect for girls who use:

  • Liquid foundation
  • Liquid or cream concealers
  • Cream or powder blushers
  • Loose powders
  • 1-3 eyeshadows colours
  • Gel liner
  • Lip products

Includes 9 quality brushes:

  1. Angled Flat Foundation:  Create a barely detectable air-brushed foundation finish. Its dense bristles offers a medium-full foundation coverage. Use with: Liquid or cream foundation
  2. Classic blush: Add a healthy glow to your cheeks and accentuate your features. This medium-sized brush offers maximum precision control, leaving just the right amount of color for cheeks that captivate. Previously named as the oval blush. Use with powder based blushers
  3. Angled Flat Concealer: This brush gives a soft, light to medium coverage under the eyes and around the nose and evenly distributes concealer without leaving streaks behind. Use with: Liquid and cream concealers
  4. Large Powder:  Super fluffy powder brush for face and body. Use with: Loose powder
  5. Detail liner: A must-have for detailed eyeliner work. Use with: gel liners
  6. Petite shadow:  An amazing brush for precise eye makeup. This brush efficiently blends out harsh eyeliner, smudges shadow under the lower lashes, and creates a very defined outer V for that cat-eye effect. Use with: all types of eyeshadows
  7. Classic Shadow: The one brush to own for applying a soft wash of colors all over the lids. Also perfect for blending shadows into Asian creases.
  8. Fluffy Blender: This brush features a slightly firm and round brush head for universal blending of eyeshadows. Its ultra-fine bristles work to soften intense lines and edges. Perfect for a soft diffusion of color. Use with powder based eyeshadows
  9. Firm Lip Perfector: Featuring a rounded tip with firm bristles, this classic lip brush offers maximum control and definition. Also doubles up as a precision concealer brush

Brush Storage:

Black pleather cosmetic pouch. Fits up to 15 brushes.

 Weight: 230 grams

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