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7-Piece Gold Kit (Complimentary holder/pouch)


Mix and match your favorite brushes to form your very own brush kit.


  • Round Powder / Large Powder (Loose powder for face and body)
  • Powder Puffer / Pro Powder (Loose powder for face) -Best Seller
  • Tapered Powder (Multi-purpose for powders, blusher and contouring) -available only in pink




  1. Oval Blush (Blush and highlight) -Best Seller


  1. Angled Brows (Best with powders)
  2. Pencil (Defines outer v area, high color payoff)
  3. Short shader (Stiff dense shader brush with short bristles, intense pigmentation)
  4. Detail Shader (Softly blends precise areas of the eyes)
  5. Detail Liner (Mini eyeliner brush, best with gels)
  6. Angled Shadow (Essential eyeshadow brush)
  7. Jumbo Shader (Extra large eyeshadow brush)
  8. Paddle Packer (Packs eyeshadow onto lids)
  9. Petite Shadow (Intensifies outer v area and contours crease) -Best Seller
  10. Classic Shadow (Gently packs and blends eyeshadows onto lid) -Best Seller


  1. Angled Flat Concealer (Blends undereye concealer) -Best Seller
  2. Soft Lip Perfector (Covers blemishes and small imperfections)
  3. Flat Definer (Corrects and shapes brows) -available only in pink


  1. 13rave (For powder-based foundation) -Best Seller
  2. Flat Top Foundation (Quick and easy liquid foundation)
  3. Angled Flat Foundation (Precise + controlled foundation application) -Best Seller

Brush Storage (complimentary):

  1. Magnetficent Brush Holder (7cm by 7cm by 22cm) - choose between coral or black
  2. 13rushes cosmetic pouch (13.5 x 23.5xm x 3cm) - choose between black or burgundy interior


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