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Universal Do-It-All Face

Sale price$49.90

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Finally, a brush that does it all! A co-creation with one of Singapore’s most prolific artist, Larry Yeo.

The Universal Do-It-All Face is an all-round practical, thoughtful design. It’s shaped in a manner that allows for the bristles to be as dense as possible, yet gives sufficient movement to ensure an even distribution of makeup product when used. With a slight angle designed to be broader at the width, the Universal Do-It-All Face makes applying liquid products on the face a cinch - a pro for those who prefer not to apply foundation, creams or sunscreens with their fingers.

We recommend using a different Universal Do-It-All Face brush when you’re working with multiple textures. It’s always a good idea to use a separate brush when you’re switching from liquids to powders and vice versa!

Like all of 13rushes products, the Universal Do-It-All Face went through a stringent 12-stage production phase, closely inspected by 26 craftsmen. In addition, unlike brushes cut by machine, the Universal Do-It-All Face’s bristles filament is trimmed only at its bottom, leaving the tips untouched for the signature, unrivalled softness.

*The Universal Do-It-All Face brush is excluded from all discounts

Use with

⇨ Liquid/Cream/Powder foundations

Liquid/Cream/Powder highlighting products

⇨ Liquid/Cream/Powder contouring products

⇨ Liquid/Cream/Powder blushers

⇨ Pressed/Loose setting powders

⇨ Primers

⇨ Skincare


✗ Natural ✓ Medium ✓ High