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Powder Puffer (Pink)


This plush and tapered brush is one of our most versatile powder brushes. We've made sure this brush is precise enough for the T-zone and efficient enough to mattify the entire face. 


  • Wide, dome-shaped tuft sweeps across the face for a natural-looking result.
  • Ridges of the dome also enable more precise application on facial contours.
  • Fluffy, soft, medium-sized brush head prevents over application of powder.
  • Perfect thickness and density for offer moderate-to-high coverage.
  • Long handles allow a grip farther from the tuft for increased movement when applying.

Use with: 

  • Pressed or loose powders

Suitable for powder-based products


  • Sets makeup with translucent loose powders

    How to:

    • For a light mattifying effect, use a soft broad sweeping motion to layer on powders onto targeted areas of the face.
    • For medium-to-full coverage, dab brush against the skin to release powders before blending the products out.

    More product information:

    • Handle: wood, dark purple glossy finish,10.5cm
    • Ferrule: aluminium, gold, 5cm
    • Bristles: anti-bacterial synthetic bristles
    • Bristle length: 4.5cm
    • Total length (handle + ferrule + bristles): 20cm
    • Total weight: approximately 33grams

    *As all our brushes have been crafted by hand, please allow a slight variation in bristle diameter, length and weight between brushes

    Brush care:

    • We recommend washing your brushes at least once a week
    • As with all makeup brushes, do keep the brush handles completely dry while washing so as to prolong the lifespan of your brushes.
    • Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources (e.g. hairdryer)

    As with all our brushes:

    A labour of passion and love, it is 13rushes’ continual mission to create the finest cruelty-free brushes on the planet. Made without any ponytails or goatees, our award-winning brushes are crafted by hand and in small batches to bring forth the best makeup application experience to our customers.

    Unlike conventional synthetic bristles, our proprietary bristles have been re-engineered for enhanced performance with powders. Featuring "textured" surfaces, these fibres grip onto powders effectively and work brilliantly with both creams and liquids.

    Synthetic bristles are awesome because they are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin. It's time to make the switch to synthetic bristles if you haven't!